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A Peaceful Parting

When the time comes, you want your pet’s passing to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

orange cat in flowers

Ending or preventing a pet’s suffering is the most important gift a pet owner can bestow. When this act of kindness is given at home, your pet will be comforted by the familiar environment and by the people he or she loves. You can arrange the setting to be meaningful for you, and peaceful for your pet. Your pet will not have to be carried in and out of the car and will not experience the stress of being in a clinic. And you will not have to experience grief in a public place.
Dr. Ivey will provide the compassionate, dignified, and peaceful ending your pet deserves. You will be able to hold and comfort your pet during the entire process, and your pet will spend his or her last moments surrounded by love. You too will be in the comfort of home. She provides euthanasia services to house pets of all types, including small mammals and birds, as well as dogs and cats.
Losing a beloved pet is very difficult; Dr. Ivey’s sincere hope is that she can help make this time easier. The links at the bottom of this page direct you to information that will guide you through the end of life process. All of the important information will also be discussed with you and your family in person. It is very important that all your questions are answered and all your pet’s needs are addressed. Please call or email with any questions or special requests that you have.


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