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Information for Veterinarians

Bereavement Resources & Pet Loss Seminar


Peace for Pets helps veterinarians support pet owners. For owners who need help understanding their pet’s condition, prognosis, and quality of life, Dr. Ivey is here to help. For terminally ill pets, Dr. Ivey provides euthanasia services in the comfort of home. Peace for Pets does not provide hospice or general mobile services, and works with veterinarians to help clients at the end of their pet’s life.
Dr. Ivey welcomes your suggestions to improve her services to you and your patients.
Free Handouts: Please feel free to print these documents to help your clients.
To order bulk copies please contact Dr. Ivey at


Seminar for veterinarians and staff: Pet Loss & How to Help Grieving Clients

Dr. Ivey provides an hour long seminar for the veterinary team on grief and support during times of pet loss. Dr. Ivey has a certificate in pet loss counseling from the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement, and has created this seminar with the small animal practice in mind. There is helpful information for veterinarians, receptionists, technicians, and assistants.

Topics covered include:

  • Stages of grief and how to help. For many pet owners, grieving starts when they receive a terminal diagnosis. These clients may be expressing anger, sadness, and confusion due to the impending death of their pet - you can help them and your hospital by understanding grief.

  • How to help owners who are struggling with end of life decisions

  • How to provide a comforting atmosphere in the hospital - at all times, not just during euthanasia

  • What to say and what not to say to grieving clients

  • Coping with guilt

  • Children & pet loss

  • Beyond sympathy cards: how to help clients after their loss

To schedule a seminar for your practice, please contact Dr. Ivey by phone or e-mail. The seminar is provided in your hospital and is free of charge.

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