Hospice Providers

Here is a list of Veterinarians Providing Home Hospice Care in the Sacramento Area


Sacramento Area Home Hospice Providers

Please check web site information to confirm availability for your location

Other Providers may be found in the Pet Hospice Directory www.pethospicefinder.com

Dr. Susan Mowatt, Dr. Sue Pet Hospice, (916) 224-5543



Dr. Kelly Chandler, Love Always Veterinary Care, (530) 906-2490


Lap of Love, (916)318-7078 www.lapoflove.com/Locations-California-Sacramento

Dr. Laura Summers & Teri Pate, DVM, CHPC, Sacramento Valley Veterinary Services,

(916)960-9566 www.sacvalleyvet.com

Dr. Lynn Hendrix & Dr. Kirsten Bock, Beloved Pet Mobile Vet, (530)383-2543 


Information provided by Peace for Pets, www.PeaceForPets.net

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